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“Cast away the 
external differences 
that differentiate you 
and Me, and live by the 
eternal truth that is one and the same. 
You are unlimited, 
you are infinite, 
you are eternal.”
Sri Madhusudan Sai
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His Wisdom
  1. In this world which is constantly changing, where the duality and opposites exist all the time and one cannot escape them however much one may try, the only way to remain happy is to have the feeling of devotion and gratitude to God for everything that comes your way.

  2. Love is what gives you the courage to do what you have set out to do. Love is what gives courage to God to do what He wants to do. Love is what makes everything happen. And this love alone is the property of God.

  3. “I am just a human being”, then you will remain that way. However, if you  contemplate this thought that “I am Divine”, this thought itself will take you to the doors of liberation.

  4. Living in the thought of God all the time is Moksha. You breathe God, you eat God, you sleep God, you walk God, you talk God and you experience God all the time.

  5. Any ordinary action, however ordinary it may seem, can be turned into a Divine action by merely having the right attitude, the right thought behind it.

  6. If you want to really enjoy the bliss that God showers on you, you have to become  completely selfless. If you can do that, all your life will be filled with joy.

  7. When you do all your actions with love for God in order to win over His grace and love, all those actions will become Dharma. Whatever is achieved out of those actions should also be offered to God. If you do this in everything that you do, life will be very, very spiritual.

  8. Cast away the external differences that differentiate you and Me, and live by the eternal truth that is one and the same. You are unlimited, you are infinite, you are eternal.

  9. If one opens one’s heart and experiences God as that sweet, nectarine, Divine, pure and blemishless love, that alone is the experience and understanding of Divinity.

  10. Dear ones! Immortality is yours to attain. It is your birthright to realise your Divine self, provided you are ready to put efforts on the spiritual path. The less of I, the more of Sai! Let nothing and no one deny you of this right to know your truth and Divinity. Let every thought, every word and every deed of your everyday resonate and reverberate with this Divinity that is latent.

  11. God only goes to those who are very simple, who are pure and devoted, who have love and who are free of ego and selfishness. Only such people can attract God.

  12. A heart that is purified through constant contemplation of the Lord, which is without any impurities of selfishness and self-interest, can easily access the Lord, understand the Lord and enjoy the Divinity of the Lord.

  13. Only if we can love people selflessly, unconditionally and impartially like how God does, then we would have truly led our lives in a purposeful way.

  14. All of you are embodiments of love. In all of you, there is love and nothing else. You are born from love, you live in love and you ultimately merge in love.

  15. Dear ones, you do not have to undertake any rigorous penance, austerities or hardships in order to attain God. With love and surrender, if you chant His name even once, He will be yours.

  16. You have to firm up the experience and feeling that God is in my heart, God is with me always. When you strengthen the bond with God, you can experience His love and His Divine presence everywhere.

  17. Following the word of your Guru with all your might, with all your strength, with all the intensity of all your being alone can help you win His grace, and only that grace can help you realise your own Divinity.

  18. Actions per se are neither those that bring pleasures or pains; it is the attitude and the expectations behind the actions that define our experiences as bitter or sweet.

  19. There is not a place in this universe that is not impacted by the power of love. If you want to know the essence of all Divinity, it is nothing but pure, absolute, selfless love.

  20. If you experience the true Divine love, let Me assure you it will destroy all the desires in you, it will render you free, it will render you pure, it will make you immortal, it will make you God intoxicated. That is the beauty of Divine love.

  21. Any good that you do will never go waste. All the good you do is like insurance, which gets accumulated and comes to your rescue at the time of your need. Every good that you do brings you the insurance of God’s grace, which is always there to protect you when you need it the most.

  22. What will matter at the end would simply be how good we were, how much good we have done in our lives and how many people we have served and helped; if we don’t have answers to these questions at the end, we cannot pass the examination of life.

  23. For those who yearn, who crave and pine for the Lord and Lord’s love, they will find their way to the Lord, and the Lord will find His way to them. There are no two ways about it.

  24. To be equanimous in all situations by knowing the supreme truth of your existence alone, can one lead a life of peace, happiness and fulfilment in this world.

  25. Dear ones, all other things with time will fade away. In a minute, time will take away everything that we have. But this one alone will live forever – the love that you have for God and the love that God has for you.

  26. The mind is responsible for both our bondage and liberation. What can connect the body and Divinity is the mind in between. When the mind turns towards the outside, it becomes filled with body consciousness. But when the same mind is turned towards the Divinity within, it becomes full of Divine effulgence.

“All of you are
embodiments of love.
In all of you, there is love
and nothing else.
You are born from love,
you live in love and
you ultimately
merge in love.”
Sri Madhusudan Sai
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