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Symbolising the beginning of a new era, ‘Shivoham’, the 153 feet statue will be installed and consecrated at Muddenahalli - Sathya Sai Grama.  It will represent the Atmic oneness of all beings. Shivoham means ‘I am the Supreme Reality’. To re-emphasise the idea of Advaita, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai has embarked on this project. It will reflect the transition of this world into a new realm of spiritual awakening. It is a reminder and an invitation to man urging him to ascend to divinity – his true nature.

‘Shivoham’ means I am Shiva. Shiva as a form is the expression of the formless reality. The three-syllabled word reminds us of our oneness with the Absolute Self or the Shiva Principle - Truth, Consciousness and Eternal Bliss - considered to be the ultimate reality of human life. ‘Shivoham’ is a collective representation of our consciousness; a tall reminder to mankind about who we truly are, our own true nature. Shiva, in the tradition of Sanathana Dharma is an external expression of the inexpressible reality; a signature or representation of something which cannot be represented. It is a symbol of the spiritual truth that we all are, and it is not to indoctrinate one into some kind of ritualistic worship.

Muddenahalli and it’s precincts are said to be a ‘Shiva Kshetra’ (Shiva’s region) since ancient times. The surrounding hills, and the famous Nandi Hills are over thousands of years old according to archaeological surveys. The famous temple of Bhoga Nandeeshwara, a national heritage monument is present in the vicinity, and was initially constructed during the 9th century AD in the Dravidian style of construction. The main temple was renovated repeatedly and has seen several generations of kings and kingdoms, throughout the consecutive dynasties under Chola, Hoysala, Pallava and Vijayanagara empire, who made this area their spiritual centre. Thus, ‘Shivoham’ was decided to be installed in this area, and will be India’s tallest standing Shiva statue along with the largest Nandi, the vahana or mount of Lord Shiva, is also the world’s tallest, and will stand tall at 21 feet high and 30 feet in length.

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