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Divine Visit To Sri Sathya Sai Divyaniketanam, Jayapura – March 09 To March 11, 2020

March 09, 2020 – Evening

Amidst the cool breeze and greenery all over, Bhagawan’s Chopper landed in the Sri Sathya Sai Divyanikethanam campus around 4:40 PM. Bhagawan was welcomed by the administrators of the campus and was escorted to HIS room amidst the Vedic Invocations & Jai kar by the students. Though Bhagawan was continuously travelling and was already tired, He promised to grant Darshan to all after a short rest.

Bhagawan proceeded to the Satsang hall with Vedic Procession by Grade 6 and Grade 7 students. After enjoying the melodious Bhajans sung by His students, Bhagawan beckoned the Warden Sri Kaushik for agenda of the evening program. Students then presented a greeting card consisting of the songs to be offered at His Lotus Feet. Students then offered few songs which made Bhagawan happy. During the course of the songs, Bhagawan beckoned two singers who are studying in grade 9. He expressed His happiness with their singing and blessed them with Vibhuti. He then asked the students to learn Ramakatha and invited them to join Him to Kodaikanal this year. He guided them to sing good songs and practice them to attain perfection.

After the rendition of songs, Bhagawan then addressed the gathering and expressed His happiness with the quality of Vedam and Bhajans of the students. He said that those were HIS subjects and He would assess the students as to how well they have done in these subjects. For the better understanding of students, Bhagawan gave an easy analogy of Chapathi and Palya (side Dish). As how both are important together, same Vedam and Bhajan are very important in HIS institutions. Bhagawan then explained in detail about student life, how one can study effectively and how one can lead a meaningful life. He asked all the students to chant Gayatri Mantra and explained its significance. He said that, knowing the meaning of this mantra and chanting it with complete focus would grant pure intellect to anyone. Mangala Arati was offered and Prasadam was distributed before Bhagawan retired to HIS residence closing the day.

March 10, 2020 – Morning

The second day of Bhagawan’s stay in the campus was even more joyful as the students of Sri Sathya Sai Ananyaniketanam, Udupi had joined to bask in the Divine Love. Bhagawan was welcomed with Vedic procession by the students. He was joined by the MLA (of Koppa, NR Pura and Sringeri Constituencies) Sri Raje Gouda, who had arrived with his family for the divine blessings amidst the mellifluous Bhajans. The Morning function started with Welcome note by Sri Kaushik, Warden of Jayapura Campus. He welcomed Bhagawan, guests, dignitaries, students and staff of both the campuses, parents and devotees. This was followed by Vedic Invocation by the students of Grade 8 and Grade 9 who chanted verses from Bhruguvalli, of the Taittiriya Upanishad.

Shishir Jois, a student of Grade 7 of Sri Sathya Sai Divyanikethanam shared the way in which Bhagawan entered his life & took care of him, after he lost his physical mother. He shared that by joining Bhagawan’s Institution, he improved his behaviour and is also a part of bhajan group.

The second speaker was Manikanta of Grade 6. He spoke in Kannada and expressed his gratitude to Bhagawan for reaching out to him through the Madiyala Narayana Bhat Scholarship Scheme. He narrated that though his parents could not take care of him, Bhagawan blessed him with a good education in a best environment.

Later the students of Sri Sathya Sai Ananyaniketanam, Udupi offered a small Dance Programme for the joy of their beloved Bhagawan. Bhagawan then blessed a student Naren Sathya Srinivas from Udupi campus to speak. He spoke regarding how he did not want to join the institution but still Bhagawan took care of him day and night. He also shared an experience which transformed him and strengthened his faith in Bhagawan. One night, Bhagawan appeared on the Warden’s chair when he was afraid to go down and drink water & gave him assurance that Bhagawan is taking care of all. He also mentioned about how Bhagawan commanded him to become a doctor, which was his desire. He also spoke of how Bhagawan took care of the staff who worked in his institution and how he saved the life of Mr. Srinivas Murthy who was declared dead by doctors, currently serving as the head cook in Udupi campus. He said that he and his brothers will stand as Sai soilders to serve Bhagawan throughout their lives.

Mr. Raje Gouda expressed his gratitude to Bhagawan for starting such a campus in this area and said that only by Bhagawan’s grace that these institutions are running. He recollected as to how he experienced less pressures in the political front, after he had the first darshan of Bhagawan. He narrated that just to have Bhagawan’s darshan, he visited the place and took Bhagawan’s blessings. He assured all his support for the smooth functioning of the institution.

Sri. B N Narsimha Murthy in his speech elaborated as to how a selfless prayer made by Sri Madiyala Narayana Bhat Anna is being manifested right in front of our own eyes by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. He gave a detailed explanation as to who was Madhusudan Sai, as explained by Bhagawan to Mr. David Cornsweet. He also spoke about how the modern-day education would be replaced by the open schooling system, so that students are not subjected to any kind of pressures. He also spoke of the great ideals of Madiyala Narayana and how Anna refused to join politics and continued to remain in the educational field.

In His Divine Message, Bhagawan said that the main essence of the Bharateeya culture lies in the concept of ‘We’ and not ‘I’. Bhagawan quoted the prayer “Sahana Vavatu” and explained its meaning in great detail. He said that He would go to any extent to provide such education to all the students, up to any higher level, with a condition that they must serve the nation. If each student ensures this kind of right quality education to 1000 others and they in turn pass it on to 1000 others, He said that there would be no illiteracy on Earth. Bhagawan also told the MLA that these Institutions should be treated as his own and not as other.

The session ended with Mangala Arati and Prasadam Distribution.

After the morning session, Bhagawan blessed the outgoing batch of class 10 students with a private session and guided them for their future endeavours. Post this, Bhagawan blessed all the staff members and guided them as to how they need to take care of children. He said that this is a beautiful cycle, where HE takes care of elders, elders need to take care of the staff, the staff would take care of students and students would take care of HIM. He then blessed the students and staff members of Udupi campus with a private session, spoke to them and blessed them profusely. Thereafter, Bhagawan then proceeded to the dining hall to have lunch with the students and staff members. He distributed ice creams to all the Students, Staff and Kitchen members, before He retired to His room for a little rest.

At around 4:30 PM. Bhagawan proceeded towards the Girl’s Campus – Sri Sathya Sai Srinikethanam.

Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Sriniketanam, Jayapura – March 10, 2020 (evening)

Around 5 in the evening of March 10, 2020, Bhagawan arrived at Sri Sathya Sai Sriniketanam, Campus for Girls. He was welcomed by the Vedic procession, where they chanted “Durga suktham”. Bhagawan first visited Annapoorneshwari temple, blessed the sanctum sanctorum, planted a tree behind the temple naming it Kalpa Vruksha and then proceeded towards the Prayer hall. The program commenced with the Vedic invocation by Grade 8 and Grade 9 girls who chanted the Sai Rudram Namakam. This was followed by Dr Mamatha welcoming Bhagawan and all gathered that evening. Thereafter, there was a dance performance – Ganesha stuthi offered to Bhagawan by the students of Grade 8 and Grade 9.

Kum Dhruvini and Kum Greeshma of Grade 6 shared their experience and expressed their gratitude towards Bhagawan for the Gift of Education and also requested Bhagawan to help many other girls who are in need of help. This was followed by an instrumental musical offering by Kum Gourika of Grade 9 and Kum Sayeesha of Grade 6 who expressed their devotion through soulful Bhajans on keyboard, followed by Four Grade 9 girls offering a Bhajan through Tabla. Later, Kum Roshni of Grade 10 and Kum Nischitha of 1st Pre-University expressed their gratitude at the Divine Lotus Feet. This was followed by the devotional songs offering by the students, while the Master lovingly played cymbals.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellenec and Chief Mentor of Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Group of Institutions addressed the gathering, where he reminded all the students of the opportunity they have got, the new campuses which are coming up and also how the Girls Campuses have come up with the prayers of Divine Celestials. Then Bhagawan delivered His divine discourse. He addressed the gathering by quoting this Stanza from the Vedas – “Yatra Naryesthu Poojyanthe Ramanthe Tatra Devata – where women are worshiped there Gods will manifest themselves”. I hear stories from different campuses like Nallekadernahalli and Gadag and everywhere I hear the same story that I have heard hear also. Bhagawan then narrated the story behind how he decided to have a girl’s campus in Tamil Nadu – Sri Sathya Sai Meenakshiniketanam. For girls my heart melts and I can’t see girls suffering like that. I am not opening campuses just because Meenakshi Devi or Kaveri Matha prayed, that is just a Nimitta- Divine Coincidence. I am opening all these girl’s campus because I heard your mother’s prayer, whenever they pray finally it comes to me. Girls should be given opportunity. Girls should be like girls, don’t try to be like boys. Kattu – Dress, Bottu and Juttu – Hair are the 3 things which makes girls to look like Celestial Beings.

The programme ended with Mangala Arati and Prasadam distribution. Bhagawan then inaugurated the music room and guided them to practice every day. He then partook the dinner with the students, distributed ice-creams to all and retired for the day .

March 11, 2020

In the morning, Bhagawan granted an interview to Grade 10 students, after which He spoke to all the staff. He then arrived to the prayer hall to bless everyone and proceeded to the boy’s Campus, Sri Sathya Sai Divyaniketanam around 10:30 AM, boarded the helicopter and proceeded to the next destination, Hassan campus.

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