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Divine Visit To Sri Sathya Sai Sattwaniketanam, Karwar – March 09, 2020

March 09, 2020 was a landmark day in the books of Karwar Campus as Bhagawan visited the campus after a year-long yearning by the students, staff and the devotees of Karwar.

Bhagawan’s chopper landed at Sri Sathya Sai Sattwaniketanam around 12.15 PM. He was ceremoniously welcomed with Poorna Kumbham and Vedic Chants and was given the guard of honour by all the students right from the helipad to the campus building. The students, staff and devotees offered Pada Puja and garlands to Bhagawan.

After a light refreshment, Bhagawan along with His guests proceeded to have a look at the Science Exhibition which was arranged by His Students. At the Exhibition, a student offered HIS Photo to get it signed by HIM. Bhagawan didn’t miss that slight opportunity to prove once again that He is the Almighty, He is the ‘GOD OF THE UNIVERSE’ as He said seeing the photo, “This is beyond science”. Thereafter, He blessed all the staff members of the kitchen and the security team with tokens of His Love. He then proceeded towards the dining area to have lunch with all the students and guests. He then distributed ice-creams to all and departed to His room as the students finished their lunch.

The delicious lunch was followed by melodious Bhajans, welcoming Bhagawan for the Satsang. The Satsang commenced with the chanting of the “Shivopasana Mantra” by students of the campus, following which Sri Girish H S, Chairman of the Karwar Campus addressed the gathering welcoming Bhagawan, guests, dignitaries, students and staff, parents and devotees.

Sri B N Narsimha Murthy address the gathering and emphasised the Prema – Love of Bhagawan towards His students. He explained a quote that Bhagawan said in a recent discourse at Bangalore – “Vidyalayas are holier than Devalayas, because in Devalaya we make God into a man but in Vidyalaya man is converted into God”.

In His Divine Message, Bhagawan explained in detail about the word “Gratitude”. He quoted that “Gratitude should be one’s Attitude”. He appreciated the united work of Karwar devotees and requested the students to serve the society when they become elders as gratitude towards the elders and devotees who sacrificed everything in their life for the benefit of the students. He then revealed to the children how He was observing all of them through the photographs in the Campus and also revealed all the acts done by the students in the campus. He narrated a story of a boy who wrapped all the idols of the deities with a cloth, so that they wouldn’t get the fragrance of the incense stick, but all those deities appeared before him at the end because of his faith as they exist and taking the fragrance of the incense sticks. He then explained many scientific things to students, such as the science beyond yawning, usage of oxygen by the different organs of our body at different time, digestion of food and many other topics which a child would be curious to know during that particular age. He also commanded that; all the students should compulsorily take a power nap in the afternoon after lunch as it will give them energy for attending afternoon classes afresh.

Bhagawan then blessed all the students with chocolates before Mangala Arati was offered to Him. He then took off from Karwar towards His next destination – the twin campuses of Jayapura.

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