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What Is Swami’s Ultimate Wish? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 20, 2020

These three qualities – Sat Chit Ananda – are always present in God. Sat is like the water; Chit is like the sugar and Anandam is the experience of sweetness born out of the two. Sat means truth. Truth that is unchangeable, which remains the same in all situations, circumstances. In everybody, there is this principle of Atman, which is indestructible, which is unchangeable. That is the principle of Satya. To know this truth is the first step in spiritual progress. The second step is to know that this God is not only in one place in one person, but He is in all. This awareness, this knowledge that everything is Divine – Sarvam Brahmamayam – that knowledge and awareness is the Chit principle. So when you get this water of Sat to know God exists, Atman exists, and then you get this sugar of Chit to know that it exists within, without and everywhere and mix the two, then you have the experience of Ananda that you alone are and nothing else exists. When you believe both these principles, the experience of Ananda that comes out of it completes your spiritual journey.

Man’s name is Anandapipasu means he wants, he is thirsty for Ananda, for happiness, for bliss. But he does not know where he will find this kind of Ananda. They think by pleasing their senses through sensory pleasures they will attain this Ananda but alas it does not last long, today you might be happy doing what you are doing but tomorrow you are back to sadness. The true Ananda is that which once comes does not go. The taste of it remains on your tongue forever. That is why Rama Nama is called as Rasam. Pibare Rama Rasam. How is it Rasam? Raso vai saha is the name. He is the essence; He is the ultimate principle of all existence. That is why it is called Rasa. The Satchitananda syrup where you have the knowledge that God exists, you have the belief He exists inside, outside everywhere, and you have the experience of these two truths. That is Rama Rasam. To experience this is the effort of every human being consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly everybody is only striving for this experience, but they may not know that they are actually seeking it. All want Ananda only.

Shiva is Sulabha prasanna. He gets happy very easily. Even you do little, he becomes very happy and grants boons. Little prayer, little …if you please him, he will grant you everything. Lord Shiva compassionately accepts all our problems, pains, sufferings, sorrows and gives us back only Amruta, only blessing that we may attain immortality, Mamrutat. This is the symbolism of Shivaratri, the worship of Lord Shiva as the symbol of Divinity. May you all strive to realise these truths and ultimately experience this Ananda. That is My ultimate wish.

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