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What Is The One Experience We Must Have In This Life? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 22, 2020

Everybody is unhappy thinking that they don’t have this, they don’t have that. But the truth is that the real cause of their unhappiness is that they don’t have God, they don’t believe in God, they don’t love God. That is the main cause of all the sorrows. To bring back this idea and not just an idea but put it into practice in our day to day lives in everything that we think, say or do, this whole effort of bringing Shivoham. This whole place is vibrant with the chant of Shivoham which has been there for thousands of years. Even today there are great souls, great devotees who are present in this place all around who are continuously remembering this thought that they are Divine, they are Divine. It is so beautiful. Nowhere in any other culture, any other country, nowhere else you hear this beautiful idea that you yourself are Divine.

It is our effort to put this thought back into Indian heads to begin with and then from there it should spread to the whole of the world. Rishis are those who are called Mantradrashtas. They have seen the Mantra. How can you see a Mantra? They had a vision. And then the Mantra came out as the expression of the vision. And these Mantras have the power to take you back to that vision. They have laid this highway for us to travel. Their efforts that they realise this Divinity and then they told us how we also can realise that. And so beautifully they have left behind these Mantras, these meditations, these chants. Put lot of attention, pay lot of attention to this idea, this thought because this thought itself can redeem you. There is no age for Atman. So, for everyone this path is open. In this school of spirituality, everybody is welcome from the new-born infant to the person who has retired, everyone is welcome to this school of spirituality, this school of Shivoham.

The greatest of all services in all times is taking a person back to his own or her own Divine realisation. And that service if somebody can do, they are the greatest servants of the society because by doing this, everything else will be done. This revelation will reveal all things to oneself. I go on telling whichever country I went, I told, “Please learn Nirvana Shatakam.” More than that contemplate on its meaning. No culture, no civilisation, no faith, none in the world other than Indian soil has generated this idea that everyone and everything is God. This is born out of depth of experience of not one or two but millions and millions of seekers. It is time-tested, verified, authenticated, validated. This is one experience that one needs to gain in one’s life. This is the ultimate. Towards this, put your efforts.

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