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Why Is Swami Being A Working God? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 16, 2020

The best service that anyone can do to the world is to be an example. There is nothing greater than being a good example when it comes to living a human life. They work only for others’ sake so that they set a good example and they lead the mankind on a noble path. Swami is not a talking God; He is not a walking God but He is a working God. These times are definitely very rare, very precious. Why do I have to travel all these countries, the whole world? There is nothing that I have not attained nor there is anything that I need to attain. Yet I do this not for My sake but for the sake of setting a good example so that others also will emulate that and become better human beings. And that example is something that you also must set for others to follow.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to go homeless, anybody to go hungry, anybody to go without education or healthcare; there is enough and more in the world to provide for everyone. The world has never been as rich as it is today, never has been so technologically advanced as it is today, yet it has never been as poor and as deprived as it is today. As I travel around the world, I observe there are people who have enough and more and then there are those who do not have even a shade or roof over their head or food in their stomach. On one side you see wealth limitless, on the other side you see poverty without a limit. These are because people are selfish, and they cannot think about the welfare of everyone. So, I go around the world telling everyone that there is a greater responsibility, there is a greater duty of those who have towards those who do not. I go around teaching this principle but not by mere preaching but by practice.

I am not asking you to go and take care of a whole continent or a country or a state or a city. All I am asking is as a human being, look after another human being’s needs. If we are having a good time and somebody is having a bad time, we can always share a little with them. That is an example you as children, as youths, as young people can set for others. Our devotees, our youths, our boys and girls have to set this example through their own practice. I meet many great people, but they are not happy. But when I meet good people, I always find them happy. Therefore, try to do whatever good you can, in whatever little way every day. One good deed a day keeps all ego away. To do good should be our nature irrespective of what others say or do to us. Good is always good however the things are.

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