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When Will We Understand God? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 22, 2020 (Morning)

The one who is full of body consciousness, it is difficult for such a person to worship the formless aspect of Divinity. At the same time, believing that God is only form, one name in one place is also ignorance. Therefore, this idea of a Lingam. You cannot call it Sakara nor is it Nirakara. It is Lingakara. It does not have the feet, the hands, eyes, ears, nose, lips, or any other forms that generally are attributed to God. At the same time, it has a form, it is not that it does not have a form. Therefore, it is a step from Akara to Nirakara.

We offer the Bilva leaf to Lord Shiva which is three leaves in one. That is this body, mind and Atman which every Jiva consists of. Trigunakaram every being born on the earth has three Gunas – TamasRajas and Satva. Trinetram three-eyed is the name of Shiva because he is present in the past, he is present now and he is also present in the future. It is said he has three-pointed weapon Trishula. That is the one that destroys all Trijanma papas – the sins committed in the past, in the present and anything that we commit in the future also is destroyed by this three-pointed weapon of Shiva. These three points represent the three forms of Yoga – BhaktiJnana and Karma Yoga. Kama, Krodha, Lobha are the things that Shiva destroys by teaching us these Yogas. And brings peace in our body, in our mind and in our Atman. When we offer a Bilva leaf, it is symbolic, this idea that there is this symbolism present in Indian spirituality which is why I am explaining this to you.

Perfection is the nature of Divinity. Lingam expresses that perfection. Lingakara is considered most perfectly balanced energy form of anything. That is why Brahmanda is in the shape of Linga. All the planets go around in the shape of a Linga. Three Avatars happened and are happening. Shirdi, Sathya Sai and Prema Sai. These forms are different but the essence, the Divinity, is one and the same. This is the Sandhikala when the water is getting transferred from one tumbler to the other. And you are all witness to that. This is the most sacred time that the world would ever witness – Na bhuto na bhavya neither it has happened before, nor will it happen again. Do not try to understand Me, experience Me and enjoy. The Divinity that emerges in one’s heart inspired by devotion when you attend spiritual gatherings like this. That is all that you have to be worried about not anything else.  The one who wants to know God has to become God. There is no other way. And once you become God, where is you to understand God? The experience of Divinity alone is the understanding of Divinity.

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