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What Is The Destination For Swami’s Student? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 08, 2020

This body has been given not to eat and enjoy life but to serve and thereby find fulfilment in one’s life. Why do you do anything in life should be focused on one and only thought, ‘How it is going to help others who are in need.’ That is the purpose of all that we do in one’s life. To bring back this noble thought into the lives of all the people, education is the best medium, best tool. The real service to God is when we transform human into Divine. In Sathya Sai University of Human Excellence if somebody joins, he must become God and not less. The principle of Godhood, which is love, pure love, kindness, compassion, service to others.

People are there in the society who take a lot, don’t give anything back, they only are Rogis; they suffer with Bhava roga, the disease of the worldliness. The others are those who take only – whatever they take, that is all that they give back not more. They are the Bhogis. Then Tyagajivis are there who give more than what they take. And the Yogajivis are those who don’t take anything but always give, give and give for others’ sake. So, time has come for our institutions to rise not just with the idea of Tyaga, but to Yoga. Not just trying to be God but to become God is the ultimate purpose of life. Our university students have developed so much of devotion, so much of sacrifice, such clarity in life at that age as to what is the purpose of their life which I don’t see anywhere. It gives Me great joy that our students are developing into such selfless students, so clear, so compassionate and so particular that they must attain the goal of life. 

I feel very enthusiastic that we will be able to bring back the ancient Gurukula system not just in letter but in spirit, in every aspect of life and living in our Ashrams and campuses. The ancient Gurukula system of education will be established and every child will get his or her opportunity to achieve their highest potential in whatever field of interest they have. Our lives are meant to serve others, to help others and while we live our lives, we should ensure that others too would get an opportunity to lead their lives in a happy way, in a contented way. And we are all depending on you children for a great future of this world. Much of it depends on what you become in your lives. So, you have great responsibility on your shoulders. And I know that all of you will learn, will practise and will rise to shoulder these responsibilities which are coming your way. Consider them as great blessing that you are getting this opportunity and you will be the change agents, the transformation agents in the society tomorrow.

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