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What Is The Most Important Responsibility Of An Educated Person? – Divine Discourse Summary – Februa

We don’t have too many facilities in India where we can learn cardiology or cardiac surgery when it comes to paediatrics, children’s. So, we have come together with a plan to start a DNB course within our hospitals which will be providing free seats, no charges for the DNB seats. It is not an ordinary DNB; it is an integrated course. What we are working is not the general surgery you do for two years, then you do in cardio-thoracic for next four years and then you come to paediatric cardiac surgery for next 2 or 3 years and takes 9 or 10 years for one to finish this specialisation. So, we are trying to compress the whole thing into 5+1 years where you have a general surgery and cardio-thoracic and paediatric surgery together with one year of internship or training. And then they are full-fledged surgeons or anaesthetists or cardiologists or whichever science they have taken, they can be part of our hospitals and the hospitals elsewhere.

Definitely some policies which will encourage more of institutions like ours who want to offer it free by relaxing certain rules in order to…even a hundred-bed facility should be able to start a general surgery programme so that more and more such facilities can come up. And this is our vision too. This is Baba’s vision. I also would like to inform that almost 30 MBBS graduates are waiting for our DNB to start. Most of them have come from very very poor backgrounds. Some are children of single parents too. But they all are looking forward to a bright future of service to the nation by going to the most rural, most underserved parts of the country not because they will gain anything out of it but simply because they will be able to give what they have received from the society. And with that idea, our children are ready to participate in this mission and in times to come, this work of giving free education, free education both in giving medical education, healthcare facilities and water to the parched districts and places in India will gain momentum.

The most important responsibility of every educated, every person in fact, is to ensure that their education, their skills, their knowledge and talent goes back to the society manifolds than what they have received. That is the only way to keep the country prosperous, happy, healthy and wealthy. That is the only way India can gain back its past glory of being known as the crown jewel of the world. The greatest of the mathematicians, musicians, artists, scientists in the field of education, healthcare, they have all come from India. We know our history is so ancient. In our university now and we are writing history, the Indian way, so that our students learn it the Indian way and take pride in being part of this culture.

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