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What Makes Swami’s Projects Succeed? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 01, 2020

He (Sri C Sreenivas) came as a young boy to Swami somewhere pre university college boys, like that. He went on, who would not study, who would not get admission in any college because of bad marks, went on to top the Bangalore University. He was the gold medallist in Bangalore University within a matter of three years. From where to where! And from there, he was a part of building so many large projects, not small projects, very large water projects, hospital projects. How is all this possible? You should understand what is the secret of achieving all this. It is the love for Swami. He loves Swami so much that he is ready to do anything that Swami asks him to do, however hard the task may be. He loves Swami so much that anything that Swami says, he will do. So also, Narasimha Murthy. What does he want? Nothing. It is just out of love for Swami and also because of Swami’s love for him that all this is going on as it is. 

That is why even more than faith in God, we must have love for God. Love will make miracles happen. Love is so powerful. There is no greater power than love in this universe. The greatest power on earth is love. Your love for Swami will run these hospitals. Devotees’ love for Swami runs these institutions. Everybody’s love for Swami and Swami’s love for everybody makes all this happen. If the doctors have real love for God, and if they have the feeling that God is present in everyone, then they will be ready to serve (in rural areas). For love, love itself is the compensation. ‘I love these people and I am able to serve them. That itself brings me contentment. I do not need anything more than this.’ Only such people can do this kind of work.

When he (Sri C Sreenivas) went to set up the hospital, he did not have even one rupee in his pocket. I told him only one thing. “You do this selflessly. Everything will come – Money, people, everything. Only important thing is that you must work completely selflessly.” See today, not just one but three hospitals have been built. If you love God, are you ready to do anything for God? That is where faith comes into the picture. Love is one side of the coin; faith is the other side. You love God but you don’t have the faith, don’t have the courage to follow God? No use. Love will take the form of service. That is courage. That is faith. Every single life here should write this as a story of their lives which is full of love, which is full of faith, which is full of courage and surrender to God. To do God’s will, it takes courage. Not everyone can do it.

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