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Why Does A Global Calamity Occur? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 19, 2020

How much ever it is told in a sweet, nice way, man has this typical arrogance of not paying attention to good things. But when a hard blow is dealt, then everybody sits up and listens. That is the situation that the world is finding itself in. I just met a few devotees. They were all worried. And then I said, see, it is a cycle of life. And it will go on and on. It is time to think how we are living. Are we living in the right way? “Give up the company of bad people.” Bad people means those who do not follow the Dharmic path, the true right path. What is Dharma? To do good is Dharma. Join the company of the good, who are doing good to the world. Night and day do good deeds. Always be mindful, remind yourself of what is real and what is unreal, what is permanent and what is impermanent.  This is what is going to help us live as better human beings in this world. That is what will make us deserving of a place on this planet earth. So that is what the whole thing is being driven to. You learn it well when it is being told nicely or else you have to go through a hard lesson. Now we are going through a hard lesson. 

I was told that many people are contemplating vegetarianism. Gone are the days you lived in caves and hunted animals. Everything has changed – the way we dress, we move around, we stay, we do our things has all changed. Then why animals should be killed for our food. There are better ways to have food. So why don’t we contemplate on some better means without harming anyone?  Only wild animals have to eat by killing. Others don’t have to. We don’t have to. It is not necessary. When it is not necessary to harm anyone for our own life, then why we should be harming anybody? Live in a way that you don’t harm anyone in the process. Neither by your thought, nor by your word, nor by your deeds. 

Anybody, however small, just because somebody is weaker than us, that does not give us the authority to harm them. In fact, our strength is in protecting the weak not in harming the weak. So this virus has taught us a good lesson. It has crushed the arrogance of the mighty, the rich, the powerful, the knowledgeable. You see? Nobody is saved. Let us pray that people understand how to deal with it. Let us pray that a medicine, a cure comes up quickly which helps those who are in need. But more importantly, let us pray that we all start living as human beings. Humanity – the compassion, the kindness should drive our lives.

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